Tarot Readings, Spiritual Activations, 
Chakra Alignment & Energy Healings 

"I am so honoured and grateful for what I do and the gifts I have. They are extremely sacred to me and I choose to pass on insights to people so they can see and feel the unlimited joy, pleasure and freedom that is waiting both spiritually and physically. I love touching the hearts and souls of people. To allow them to see what they need and to step into their rightful purpose and allow the abundance that is theirs by birthright. I love tapping into their energy and healing old wounds and scars, that hold them back. Aligning with there higher self to create what they desire with total power and purpose. Unblocking things in them that have been holding them back but they didn't know what. Balancing the masculine and feminine energies. 


Let all be revealed to you! Let me guide you on the path to your happiness and breathtaking success. 

What do you want to know?

Abundance is your birthright so what are you doing or not doing to claim it right now?

Do you ever wonder if you are travelling on the path of your birthright and doing exactly what you desire?

Do you ever think to yourself OMG I am so born for more?

Do you ever sit in silence and dream about something so big it scares the absolute crap out of you? 

Then throw in the self-doubt that stopped you?

Do you feel like something inside your body just never feels quite right, like you are out of alignment?

Do you ever want to know something but don’t know who to turn to for the right guidance?

Let me balance you with your feminine and masculine energies!

Do you want to look at yourself with nothing but total LOVE?
  • I delve deep into your world, literally. I see your future with what I am allowed to see, I tap into your higher self and let him or her guide me to tell you what you need to hear right now and in the future. I can answer any questions you may have, by being guided by the spirits, my divine guides who help me connect with those who have passed by tapping into your energy field. By doing this it opens up the channels to allow me to see what is need to guid you. The great thing is you do not need to do anything, just receive the divine reading and insightful knowledge so your desires can be fulfilled.
  • I honour you, and am so excited to be able to share the vision of  the future YOU and what is hidden. I channel your higher self, who already knows, to enlighten you to what you need to do, to shift into a space of joy, happiness and abundance. What do you want to know about relationships, business, life family and partner. Reach out and lets get you stared on the journey of enlightenment.
"Book Below One of My Three Sacred Readings 
Where I Bring My Divine Gifts To Life To Serve YOU"  

Option 1

Tarot Reading = approx 1 hour 

This is a Intuitive Reading where I use my beauiful Tarot Cards to tap into what you need to know right now and in your near future. You also get to ask 3 questions that you want clarity and more direction on and I will go deeper into these. This is a recorded reading and you will have it for life


Option 2

You choose whatever you need right now - Either an Activation, Chakra Clearing or Energy Healing

This Intuitive Reading is a one hour Skype call that you get to ask me what you desire and what you want to know. This is laser focused. I use a vast range of my gifts for this along with my energy work and if needed connect to people who have passed over. I also use my vast coaching experience to also tap into what you need right now to shift you fast into alignment. At the end of the call, you get to choose an Energy Healing, Chakra Work or Activation. 


Option 3

Combination of any 3 - Energy Healing, Chakra Work, Activation, Tarot Reading or Breakthrough Call  

This third Option incorporates my energy work, sacred light language, and Oracle Work. It is designed to activate a chakra, do an energy healing or activate a gift. Whatever is needed we will do or whatever 3 you chose we will do. This is done in two or three calls. Everyone is different and your body may need to integrate before another session can be done. We also do a breakthrough and soul chat for fast growth and expansion.

With This Incredible
  • Free signed copy of my new latest book "HER ART OF SURRENDER". 
  • Specialised and Strategic daily mindset routine done exclusively for you and what you need right now.
  • Your Choice Of An Activation, Energy Healing, BreakthroughCoaching Callthis is for even MORE CLARITY!
What are they and what do they do for you?

Learn how to silence your mind, ignite your soul, love your body and increase your awareness to become familiar with your natural responses and feelings. This will help you to recognise and develop your ability to understand the world around you (including the realms of spirit) through your psychic feeling sense. This is where you get to cleanse, clear, align, bring forth wisdom, and clear what you need right now.

An energy healing and to remove what needs to be removed so that you can be in alignment and flow. Stale energy can limit you from moving forward and block your intuition. Energy healing taps into the energy field working directly with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. It addresses the illness caused by a disturbance in the energy flow. ... Energy healing complements holistic medicine, and other healing methods to further amplify their effects.

An Activation - It expands our intuition, spiritual gifts and wisdom within ourselves. It will amplify your spiritual gifts and intuition as well as healing your emotional, mental and physical bodies. This activation process is the discovery of spiritual growth, heightened awareness, enlightenment and inner peace. This spiritual activation is the process of expanding Light within your higher spiritual body. The Light is information and divine healing. It is not information as we know it and we don't need to understand it just receive it at a cellular  and DNA level 

Divine Chakra clearing and alignment. Aligning your chakras can help you achieve overall balance. Together, your chakras represent your entire self: physical, spiritual and emotional. For this reason, they provide the means by which you can achieve overall balance in your life. I will remove any blocks that need to be removed and align you Chakras so you are in total balance and flow. 

IT WAS JUST THE GUIDANCE I NEEDED! I was simply blown away by how accurate Leisa was in the Intuitive Reading that she did for me. It was like she has known me my whole life. She understood where I was and opened up so much inside of me that I didn’t know how to get to. Now I can expert so many possibilities thanks to her insight and guidance. This was more than a Tarot Reading Leisa truly sees you and she sees your future so clearly that i now feel my soul is connected to my purpose in life. 

Melissa Donaldson (California, USA)

OMG I HAD BREAKTHROUGHS, SHIFTS AND GOOSEBUMPS FROM BEGINNING TO END, YES THE WHOLE READING! I had an energy healing along with a Chakra alignment and an Intuitive Tarot Reading and OMG I had breakthroughs, shifts and goosebumps the whole reading. It was phenomenal and I've have had a lot of readings in the past, this one was the best by far. Leisa is world class and super phenomenal at what she is doing. The accuracy was crazy and she never asked me one question. Then I had a healing and Chakra alignment and my body completely lifted to another dimension and world. She did an incredible activated on my body and I feel so different now like I am connected to myself and everything as a whole. I finally have clarity, I have found my inner voice, I am not scared to speak or be seen and I feel completely alive. What Leisa does is something everyone should experience!     

- Katrina Anderson (Calgary, Canada)

LEISA IS INCREDIBLE, SHE IS SO GENTLE, SHE IS SOOO GIFTED OMG!. Her spirituality is so tuned in connected, she speaks the most beautiful light language. She is a divine High Priestess and if you get a chance you need to get into her world of energy. She will change you, she will ignite you and she will take you to so many dimensions and beyond what you would think ever existed. 

- Kara Twin (New Plymouth, New Zealand)

THIS WOMAN IS THE REAL DEAL! I had an activation with Leisa which has changed my life. I have ignited my life into total soul purpose. She saw things, she activated my gifts, she shifted my mind to be in clarity, she changed my DNA with her special spiritual light language. She connected to my father who had passed away and delivered a message that shone the brightest light my broken heart making me feel happiness where I had always felt sadness. If you get a chance work with her do what ever it takes to work with her. I just invested in a 6-month mentorship with her and after 2 months in I have found myself and I love me again. Leisa is extremely gifted and such a beautiful, heart centred women who always hold's a sacred space for me. Thank you Leisa.

-Vanessa Small (Brisbane, Australia)

MY HEART FEELS ALIVE AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO START TO LOVE AGAIN! I booked and had a Heart Chakra Activation and Healing with Leisa and I asked her to focus on my heart. OMG WOW WOW!! did she activate my heart. After years of hurt, abuse and self harm I had put so many protection layers over my heart and I could never allow myself to be loved, or to love myself. Leisa has removed so much of the saddens and hurt that I was using to keep my heart hidden for so long. Now I am free to love again. I cannot believe how I am feeling after just one session with her. Simply amazing. Thank you from my new heart, one that can love again.    

-Nicky Ravenstone (Manchester,England)


My main focus and passion is to move people fast. To light them up so they can create the best life EVER for themselves and those around them. I hold such a sacred space for you to exposively shift and grow. I am a highly experienced coach and mentor. I have healped thousands of people explosively expand into there life Mind, Body and Spiritualy. If you are called to work with me on a deeper dimensional level click the button below and take a look at my divine one on one signature programs.

** spaces are extremely limited, yes applications are open**